Thursday, May 28, 2009

Spent Pink Petals

I feel like the rose in this picture at the moment.....spent. Oh how I long for the simple days of summer; no hassled schedules, simple grilled meals, and a less hectic life. As you'll see the rose gets new life bringing a lovely spicy apple scent to lucky folks who might purchase from me on etsy. I often include fun little quirky perks with a purchase....just knowing my'll never get the same thing twice. It's how the mood hits me, and what I have for inspiration...these rose petals (once dried) may fill a sweet little sachet for a lucky customer soon. Just taking a few simple moments out for myself today (when I least have the time to do it!!!) to just revel in the simple, beautiful things. I' shall we say....."stopping to smell the roses."

1 comment:

  1. Find time where you can girlfriend!! We just planted 6 rose bushes - I love having flowers in the house!!


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