Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Foliage Dreams

Ok, so I'm having a late night...I needed to wind down, so I began looking at wonderful blogs. This led me to check on my own blog....which led me to looking at my flickr photos...and I'd realized I hadn't shared some of my best foliage shots with you! I absolutely adore greens in my garden! I've had a bit of fun photographing these happy little campers...so as I'm trying to woo myself to sleep, you can enjoy a little peek at more of my little garden friends. I even like the moss that has begun to form on my 12 year old urn!

OOoooo....some lush ferns, succulents, and evergreens....oh my!

Lovely Pokey little balls turn into wonderful Periwinkle Blue florets.....and more funky little Hens and Chicks for you to enjoy.

Silvery Lambs ear is a fond memory from childhood...my grandmother would always help us pick a leaf and rub it gently on our cheeks to feel how soft it was. I must remember to do that with my boys...

So I hope you enjoyed my little late night photo shoot dreams....I'm a little bit sleepier now, so that is good. Enjoy your day (or sleepless night) and remember there are so many lovely blogs out there to enjoy....so go surfing!!!

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