Sunday, August 2, 2009

Plum Wine and Sushi

So I was making a fun Asian inspired meal the other night for my hubby to BBQ (was still bloomin' HOT) and I got to thinking of how hard he must've worked in that 100+ degree day in the construction industry....and I thought I'd make him a little extra special item: SUSHI!!!!! Now, usually he is the sushi chef in the home...I can't take him out, or he'll order more than $75.00 in sushi all by his lonesome!! So he's learned to make do and mend his own sushi collection. I just happened to have some leftover Dungeness Crab from a trip in the Islands the past I figured it would be heavenly with a bit of rice, nori, and CREAM CHEESE!!! Cream cheese makes everything heavenly...or so I figure. How could I go wrong? So, I went for it! I must say, I could've done a whole lot worse for my first try going solo!!! What do you think?

I've assembled all the right ingredients...let's get cooking!

I've assembled the right I just need to tie a bandana around my head and yell "yashimoseah" at least that's how it sounds anyway!

Ahhhh the finished product, so delicious and tasty. Worth all the effort! Just wish I had some plum wine to go with it...hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.......

After all that work...seriously, don't you wish that making plum wine was this easy? Now I have to go out and help pick all these little lush yummies...they are ripening like crazy!!!


  1. We may just have to set a date for a cooking class. I really NEED to learn how to cook Asian before my son gets home. Right now it's just Orange Chicken from Trader Joes and rice noodles. Gavin may want a little more variety. How's the shop? I was in the other day and your were in busy in the back so I didn't want to bug you. Hope all is well;)

  2. Oooooh a cooking class would be lovely! I love watching people cook and then let me eat it!!! Don't knock Trader Joes! I love their chicken fried rice!!! I think Gavin will have culture shock no matter what, whether it's Kraft macaroni and cheese or kung pao chicken...the most important thing is that he'll have a family who loves and adores him! You guys will woo him over so quickly, he'll be happy to eat crackers, er uh...fortune cookies?

  3. You are even creative in the kitchen - you disgust me!! :-) I'll take some of your plums if you have an overload!! My kids love them!


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