Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Treasure Hunters

We had a fun day out the other day...we had a little cash in our wallets so we decided to go out and do a bit of junkin' ! We went from junk place to junk place and filled the cart with cheap thrills....the boys ( Tristan and Elliot) got some fun Transformers...and I got some fun and funky stuff for my business. Some of the items I found were simply for my own office ( which will some day come true...uh I mean....will some day get cleaned up and painted and arranged the way I envision it in my head!) Other items will get used as components for jewelery etc. that I sell on (see links to the right). I enjoy using upcycled product in my designs (especially for jewelry) because it just feels right. It's also so much more of a challenge than working with all new stuff....which I get enough of at Grandiflora. I, more than anything love the thrill of the hunt...finding that special something hiding in a pile is a delicious feeling!!! Here are a few of the lovelies I discovered this last trip may think I'm crazy...but these cheap little treasures really bring me joy....

So, now you can see how happy getting out and doing a little treasure hunting can make me!!! (See below) Actually I was having Tristan help me take some pictures of myself earlier (which didn't turn out...I desperately needed a new profile picture for Facebook!) and so he was trying to be my master photographer here in the bathroom! Who knew you could look so good being photographed by a 5 year old boy while a 3 year old boy is clinging to your leg! Let alone in your very own bathroom! I am half blind in this picture by the way. I'm probably searching for my glasses or the cleaner to clean them with! This picture has made me think that I should try to bump up the appt. I need to go in and get fitted for contacts! I've forgotten how nice it is to have a glass-less face! Well, I'll have to work on that one...until then, I'll wear my glasses so I can keep on blogging. We're off to the local Fair tomorrow....lots of photo ops there! See ya soon!


  1. I think it's an adorable picture! You know, you could ask your office manager to take a pic for you, besides it's time to get your face on the GFHG blog!!

  2. just stumbled upon your blog!
    i'm digging it.
    i'm adding you to my 'favs'!
    yup, i'm a blog stalker. :)


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