Sunday, January 17, 2010 new favorite toy!

I have been enjoying the fun of Flickr by Yahoo. If you are not aware of what that is, then you should go have a gander! I am finding that I'm already addicted to so many of the talented peoples' photo sets that I've lost hours of sleep each night drooling over all that there is out in the world to photograph!!! I think it's the best free entertainment out there. If I've got you curious, just click on my Flickr link on the right of this page, and start searching for anything you might like to look at. I'm sure it will be there for you! So far I'm having fun joining all sorts of groups specializing in home decor and styling it. I also like alot of the flower/nature photography out there. Well, I hope you take the time to view what so many talented people are willing to share with us....I think you might love/hate me for telling you about it! :o)


  1. hi trisha, i actually just found you on flickr! then came here. so how about that?
    I blogged your amazing photo of the scottish sideboard you are about to paint.
    you have inspired me to do something with paint today.
    wendy from

  2. Wow, thanks for your interest. I'll head over there to check it out. Hope you have fun painting!!! :o) Cheers, Trish


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