Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wash Day? NO WAY!

Alright, so I know the whole spring cleaning thing is fast approaching. I am NOT a cleaner. I am a creator. By this I mean, by nature I create things....mostly messes....but they are creative messes. I can admit it; I have cleaning issues. I have found that if I have pretty cleaning utensils, then I will actually keep things clean. Therefore, I've committed to find all the cutest things for cleaning tools. What do you think of these???

Super cute huh??? I was so THRILLED to find out that Anna Joyce ( )was willing to do a special order in the colorways that I wanted. I live in a house filled with boys, so I wanted to have some fun with colors I don't normally get to use. I have to admit, I secretly love pink!!! I don't wear much of it, and a little goes a long way if you ask me....but it sure is fun for a little pop of color you know??? My favorite colors are aqua, green, pink, and yellow. Very girly I know....but I usually muddy these colors up a bit with brown tones, and that seems to mellow it out a bit for the boys. I am however having fun with the little pops of color lately like in these little beauties!

I'm telling you that these are quality made dish towels, and you won't be disappointed one iota if you decide to purchase some of these lovelies. I'm already having so much fun washing dishes....I want to do it all the time! Hah! did you really fall for that??? C'mon, get real, washing dishes is for my Miele dishwasher....but drying my hands is really great on these little birdie towels!!! :o) tee hee hee!

I also have a little thing for peacock feathers ( since my parents raise peacocks at their farm ) so I nabbed these little lovelies by Michelle Brusegaard on etsy as well! ( ) I tell you, it sure felt wonderful to get rid of all those awful old worn out dishtowels and put these bright perky things out. My kitchen looks cleaner already! Now if I could just figure out how to afford that maid I'm always talking about. Maybe someone out there would clean for Interior Design services?!?!?!?

Have a great day you lovely folks....and I'll see ya soon with more fun stuff...count on it!
Trish :o)

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