Monday, February 1, 2010

What's in my Sewing box?

Well, I was going through my supplies, and thought I'd share what's really in my sewing box. Clue to you....I have more than one sewing box!!! I LOVE to craft, and have multiple shops on and I sell items I've created in my brick and mortar shop Grandiflora. One of the things I like to make are little bobby pins and hair twisties. I ran accross this lovely retro sewing basket at a local thrift store for a few bucks and just down the isle were all these sweet little votive cups for a few bucks more. I figured hey, why can't storage be pretty? So I took them home cleaned them up and filled them with fun and sweet supplies I purchased on etsy and other various suppliers. Now I can see exactly what I need when I'm crafting. I get visually inspired by creative storage....too many little sterile boxes and bins tend to negate my creativity flow....I do have some for certain things, I must admit.....but I'd much rather look at something inspiring.

What fun little storage ideas do you have? Please share!!! I'd love to hear some great ideas that I can put into practice!!!! I'm sure everyone else would too! C'mon, don't be stingy....give it up! Can't wait to hear from ya! Cheers! :o) Trish
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