Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Etsy Refill....Working Hard At It!

I'm crafting up a storm and photographing like a mad woman to get my etsy shops refilled after the Craft And Antique will all need a bit of patience with me as I am feeling very sick at the moment; soar throat and sniffles...strep :() and my bum is feeling REALLY soar as I fell down some steps this past weekend....the bruise is turning a lovely shade of purplish magenta....and is about the size of a saucer...or so my hubby tells me. Only a priveledged few have seen the bruise due to its location!!! ;o)

Just a moment today to post since I've got so much on my plate....need to try to fit a bit of napping in too you know....hope you are all well! It is very depressing to be ill on a sunny day :( Please go out and enjoy it for me!!!

Cheers you lovelies!
Trish :o)
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  1. ooooooooo-am I privileged?!?!

  2. Yes very, very privileged!!!! Most people would pay money to see such a thing...lucky you got in on the ground floor free!!! :o)


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