Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Kitchen Diaries...

This photo of my kitchen has been floating around on the blogosphere with so many different hosts, that it would take me hours to hunt down all the links, so I decided to show it here for the first time to all my blogger buddies on my very own blog! :o) Imagine that! Remember the house was built in 1913, but this is not the original kitchen. The kitchen was remodeled in the late 20's or early 30's. We did a little freshening up in 1999. So far so good...there are a few quirks...but at least we're not "still paying for it". Don't get me wrong, I'd love to do a full on massive kitchen remodel...but it's not in the budget anytime soon. SO, here's a little glimpse of my kitchen... it measures approximately 17' by 14'.
I enjoy arranging flowers from my garden in my kitchen. It's just one of those sweet things, you know? Even spent roses seem to be pretty...this one was destined for dried botanicals as shown in the photo below.

I have had many folks ask for the information on my wall/mail cubbies....which are ON FIRE right now at Grandiflora...we actually have a waiting list for them! WOW!
I'm sure that Kitchen Aid could write me a nice little bonus check for all the folks I've sold my coffee maker to! By the way...I LOVE IT!!!
I've also been asked for the paint colors for my cabinets and must realize, I painted them over 10 years ago. If you knew how many paint color chips have come and gone through my house with all my clients and'd understand why I HAVE NO IDEA what color it is! :o) I think it's even possible that I custom matched this color to an antique piece I had around at the time. I do that alot.
However, since I do Rep Benjamin Moore paints now, I can tell you that colors Sweet Caroline ( #478 for the walls) and Apple Blossom ( #479 for the cabinet bases) are the closest colors you're gonna get to this green. You will LOVE it! Always so cheerful to look at with the creamy white. Perfection with the butcher block countertops!
I'm also enjoying my lovely little pops of color with the towels etc. I bought from fellow etsians (see previous posts for links etc.) I used to have lots of red with this green (very retro) I've moved to pink and turquoise now. It's a nice change for me....a little girly yes, but very fun for a woman who lives with men.
As you know however....with all this kitchen hoopla, it is always easy to get caught up in the fact that a kitchen cupboard door is not closing well right now....or it's meatloaf for dinner again....or someone spilled an entire bottle of ketchup on the floor. I remind myself to walk over to this Kitchen Prayer:
Warm all the kitchen with your love
& light it with your peace.
Forgive me all my worry
& make my grumbling cease.

So simple. Stops me in my tracks.
Life it good, I mean....REALLY good right? Hmmmmm...meatloaf is sounding pretty good, on a chipped plate, with my dirty boys and exhausted hubby. We can eat it without ketchup, while the cupboard door hangs wide open; all while enjoying the simple little luxuries of day to day life in our cozy little kitchen.
:o) T.


  1. Thank you so much! I just love everything about your kitchen.

  2. Hey Amanda!!! I'm so glad you like it, and thank you for all your sweet comments. My kitchen is very humble, old, and cozy. It's a far cry from what I'd do if I had a million dollars...but I'll say this: I LOVE it to bits and pieces! I love the look, the colors, and the ambiance...I just wish things worked a bit better, and were easier to clean. You can't have it all...but I have most! Thanks again for your interest. Have a great weekend!

  3. gosh, i love this so much... i had to bookmark it so that i can lust over it and integrate it into our kitchen remodel! :) thank you for the inspiration!

    so sad about those hot little wall pockets - i actually just left you a comment on flickr as well about them. dang they are cute!

    so glad i "found" you!


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