Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Fingers are Sore, from Earrings Galore!

Well, I think the title and the photos can speak for themselves! However I should say that I made over 60 pairs of earrings the other day....not to mention all the other fun crafts I've got going on at the moment!!! Yikes! All of this is gearing up for the Spring Craft and Antique Show right here in Lynden Washington at the Northwest Washington Fairgrounds. I'll try to keep posting as many photos as possible as time allows. Thanks for looking!
Trish :o)


  1. Hey Trish, the earrings look beautiful. I especially like the butterfly ones if youre wondering.
    Thanks for being my fifteenth follower!

    Wendy, x

  2. It's my first stop at your blog (sent over by sweetsweetlife) and I'm overwhelmed by the beauty and color of your earrings and the paper they keep company with! Thank you for your creative energy!


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