Monday, March 29, 2010

Very Inspirational Blog You Must Check Out...

Hello All! I just wanted to give a shout out to let you know about a blog I love to visit myself and that I find very inspirational. It is hosted by Vicki, a good Flickr friend of mine who goes by the name of Simply Hue. She has a lovely talent for taking the prettiest of photos and sells them on Etsy too! I think you would agree that her kind of talent doesn't come along very often....she is a super good stylist, and has an imagination that doesn't stop.

If you get the chance to head over to her blog Matisse Color, you will see many other great artists as well! There is a plethora of talent floating around the internet nowadays...and Vicki has taken the time to round some of those artists for your viewing pleasure...not only that, but you can win prizes for viewing and commenting on their work too!

Last but not least, please be watching for me to be featured by Vicki one of these days...and a chance to win something lovely from one of my etsy shops as well! Yippee!!!

Here is the link to Vicki's blog...make sure to leave her a comment which enters you to win goodies; tell her I sent you there! Cheers! Trish :o)

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