Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Miss Olive : Queen of Cozy

Well, I'm hoping to start taking photos of the "afters" today....Not sure when I'll be stay tuned for the uploads. Unfortunately I didn't get everything done that I wanted to do...but I think you will have fun viewing just the same. In the meantime, I thought that I'd entertain you with my little muse : Miss Olive, my little Fox Terrier. We've had Olive for about 7 years now. We got her when a co-worker of my husband's found out he had cancer and couldn't keep her anymore; she was just about 6 months old. This means she is about 8 years old now. She puts up with the boys and all their shenanigans. She plays like she is 2 years old. Other than the fact that she has some oral hygeine issues...she is doing great for her age.  She is "my" dog....meaning she is loyal only to me. Which is great....and horrible all at the same time. She is not needy, which I love. She is a bit too large to be a little dog....and too small to be a big dog. She is just perfect for us as a family, and we love her very much.

What kind of pet do you have??? I would love to hear about her/him.
Trish :)


  1. I think Miss Olive has a pretty nice life with you. We have two very bossy cats that are indoor/outdoor, which means we are their doormen. Then, out back are the 30 alpacas. Too many personalities to go into detail, but they are each unique, I can tell you that.

  2. Hey Linda, How did all that shearing go a week or two ago??? Are they all feeling a little "exposed"?!?!?! ;o)

    I have to admit, I was scarred by the Cat thing as a child....I owned a Siamese....need I say more? Unfortunately I've only ever met a few cats that I really liked. I have to say that I'm much more at ease around dogs. I am wimpy with my feelings....and can't handle the rejection that is "cat". I love that dogs are ALWAYS excited to see you...and don't do that "princess" thing. I'm SURE there are lots of wonderful cats out there that are very loving....but I'm not sure I want to risk getting one only to find out that it likes to be left alone and aloof. I like a pet that actually WANTS to be around me....not one I have to beg to be my friend. Like I said...scarred! :) If I could find an older cat who loves people and is gregarious...I'm all over it; I really want to love cats because I think they always look so cozy and quaint...cuddly even...but no such luck for me....not to mention that Olive would shred a cat to pieces (she abhors cats!!!) and my husband may divorce me ( he dislikes them even more than the dog!) my boys would be thrilled to have kittens...they are always begging! Oh well....I guess it is not meant to be. Well, now that I've written an entire blog post in one comment....I'll sign off. :o)

    Yay to all of you cat lovers...I'm glad it's working out for you! I will stick with dogs...and Olive is the perfect little friend for now. Cheers! :)


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