Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Few More Details to Share

As I was going through my "after" photos, I realized that there were some fun details that I had left out. Some are decorative...others just a behind the scenes look. I thought I'd entertain you today with some of these photos of my decorating endeavors. Be aware that I am slowly trying to finish some things up around here....and already have my eyes set on new of course...this is NOT the end!
I would be a liar if I told you my house was always clean....however I do try to stay in a "somewhat" organized state of chaos "most" of the time. :)
I've come to grips with the fact that I'm one of those "creative types" who needs to be surrounded by piles of inspiration. I TRY to keep it clean...sometimes the house looks like a whirlwind has hit it...but then I'll do a bit of cleaning up....and that's when IT happens....
Something will just strike me funny...and I'll be inspired to throw something together...and voila...something worth sharing with the world. It is such a feeling of satisfaction!
It is a very happy day for me when I can have a clean home and a creative one!!!
I feel all illuminated inside and out...refreshed if you will.
I just want to sit down and stare at the surroundings I'm in and be lost in thought of my next endeavor....
Speaking of my next endeavor...I'm wondering what you think of this piece. I have a pair of these antique glass paintings...the other one is a white crane. I love the pictures themselves...and the look of the frame...but I'm ready to paint the frames a lighter color...some would say this is a terrible thing to do...but I believe in doing things that make me happy....and I'd be happier if they were lighter. These are after all only "things".... So what color do YOU think they should be? I'd love to hear what you think. Be aware that the inner trim is a soft gold, and there is a light brown velvet trim...I can't change whatever we pick needs to look great with that. I'll be looking forward to your advice! :)

I hope you are all well....and I'm always so happy to have you here.
Enjoy your day!
Trish :)


  1. Oh to have a clean home and a creative one. the ultimate achievement. So far, I'm leaning more towards the creative one. As for the frame- The long leaf on the right is a really pretty light green. That would look nice as would more of a gold tone. I agree that the frame is too heavy for such a delicate painting. Have fun.

  2. ...a soft pink,like the inside of a seashell I think!

  3. Picture frames aside, I received some comfort from a very special artist at the Kenny Gallery where I work, and I thought you'd enjoy it (shameless plug:
    She gave a lecture on her retrospective exhibition during which she said she didn't sit down to paint until she had "swept under the stairs."
    She woke up, had her breakfast, did her breakfast dishes, got the house in order, and then, all distractions aside, she'd sit down to paint.
    I thought I was procrastinating when I wiped down my tabletops before sitting down to write. NO! I was creating space for my imagination!

  4. a pale, warm pink with a tiny bit of gold leaf rubbed on the edges. that's my thinking.

  5. I'm wondering if stipes of turquoise and robins egg blue following the motif around the frame and using a small amount of gold leaf in between what is now saddle brown ovals.

  6. Oooooooo, I'm loving all of the great comments about the frame! I think I may just have to start playing with it and see what comes of it. Thanks so much everyone...this has really been stumping me!!! Really!

    Murvey...I am in love with your comment. I especially like the part where you said " I was creating space for my imagination." Click!!! The light went on when I read it!! Thanks so much for sharing! I may even need to write a blog post on that...hmmmm...

    Thanks again everyone!


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