Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy Monday! Yes....Mondays CAN Actually Be Happy!

Rhododendron: My State Flower; Washington USA
Photo by Me

Hi All!!!
It's sure a Monday! I don't know about your Mondays...but mine are always a shall we say...interesting. Usually my Mondays consist of cleaning up after the whirlwind I like to call "The Weekend". The house is generally the WORST it can look on a Monday morning. At first I wanted to blame this on my husband ( since he's acutally home on the weekends) but I had to rethink that theory. I guess the reason that it's kind-of his because he really "plays" with our boys. So, every toy you can imagine has been brought out to be played with...every possible hole that could be dug in the yard has been trampled through and brought into the house, and every Mountain or Beach that needed exploring has been explored and anything from Elk jaw bones to crab carapacis ( skeletons) have been brought in for closer inspection.
I guess I should be looking on the bright least he is the sort of Dad that wants to play with his I should just get over myself!

However, I wasn't feeling all that well over the weekend with a touch of some sort of I made cards all weekend (which I sell at my shop Grandiflora). I had paper scraps everywhere! This place is a disaster and needs cleaning...thank goodness I don't have a webcam set up in my family room!!!

So, somewhere between birthday parties to attend and swimming lessons I will try to accomplish some sort of domestic "happiness" in this home. The best part is....whether the house is clean or not...we "REALLY LIVE" in our home....unfortunately it "REALLY SHOWS"! :o)
The Happy Part?
We are a family who loves eachother, and can look past the messes.
Life is good....even for a Monday.

Trish :o)

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  1. Hi Trisha, I just wanted to let you know that I featured one of your Flickr photos and the Rummage Restyled group on my blog this morning. Have a wonderful day!


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