Friday, May 21, 2010

Lovely Lovely, Simply Hue

, originally uploaded by simply hue.

If there is one sweet person out there in Flickr would have to be Vicki Dvorak. She is the lovely photographer behind this super cute and fun photo. I highly recommend you go over and see the wonder that is Simply Hue.

Vicki is just so real and extremely humble about her photos. This is just one of her latest....but trust me....there's more....SO MUCH MORE!!! You simply must head over to her Flickr site and from there to her lovely blog. Vicki resides in the Seattle, WA area...but don't let that fool you....she is known the world over through her Flickr site...and from there her Etsy shop (which means you too can buy her lovely art work).

I haven't met anyone more down to earth, generous, and cheerful yet on Flickr. Vicki does a great job on her blog of featuring artists of all walks and mediums. I have been blessed to be featured there for my work....and think there will soon be a home feature by me as well. I consider this such a high Vicki has lovely taste....and a great eye. If you happen to look at Somerset's Artful Blogging Magazine for Summer of 2010, then you will see a big and lovely feature on Vicki and her blog.

SO, if you are intruiged....please go see what Vicki is up to. Make sure you tell her I sent you :o)

Vicki's Flickr
Vicki's Etsy id=7465613
Vicki's Blog


  1. Wow, Trisha...thankyou so much! You are such an encourgager and I really appreciate your kind words. :) Gosh, not sure I'm worthy of all this. Thanks again! (And we'll get your home feature up soon. ;)

  2. See what I mean folks???? Humble and sooooo sweet!!! :o)

    Oh yes you deserve it Vicki....thanks for all you've done for me. I appreciate our little online friendship more than you know! Keep up the lovely work, and we'll be paying attention!!! :)


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