Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Do the Funky Farm Chicken! Funkier Finds at the Show...

So today I wanted to share the funkier finds from the The Farm Chicks Show 
 This first photo shows my personal favorite booth at the show this year. I don't say this lightly...if I was forced to shop in only one booth....well...it would be horrifying!!!! With SO much to choose from??? NO WAY! However...if I had to choose one booth that really spoke to me, it would be Wanderlux For whatever reason I was drawn like a moth to the flame; no wonder huh? Just look at all that well thought out color!!! I'm only sorry you can't see the BRIGHT ORANGE funky dresser in the other corner. This young couple was very sweet and extremely helpful. It is so neat to see the younger set making a presence at the show. I hope to continue seeing this sort of look at the show...it was super indie-chic!
My super cute sis ( La Von) and business partner fell instantly in love with Tarte 
 Their super chic booth was just....well....SUPER! I love how they mixed the vintage with some mod; the industrial with the refined. I was detained by a fabulous purchasing moment while La Von had a great conversation with the owner about dropping a box of disco balls...bummer! Anyway, he was really cool according to La Von; just another confirmation that the vendors are great at the show. I hope to visit Tarte one day...
....they really made vintage pop with all that lemon yellow and the black and white umbrellas!
A Cottage Life had such sweet things. I should've bought her patchwork pillow made with vintage sheets! Can you see it at the top of the photo??? WHAT WAS I THINKING??? Oh well....hope she'll be back next time!
Love enamelware??? Well, if so....you could find just about anything you would want at Big Ship Salvage Enamelware!
Auntie Joy had a lovely selection of goodies. Those magenta roses were so pretty! See La Von with that huge "G"?  For Grandiflora of course! Our shop! Hmmmm....Should the Grandiflora Girls have a booth at the Farm Chicks next year??? Well, I digresssssssss........
As always John Bob Cool Junk had fab things! We always shop from them at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show in Seattle!
Here's Kim ( friend and floor manager at Grandiflora) contemplating a skirt from Rose Marie. Aren't they cute??? Such talented crafters at this show I tell you!
Oh, and then there is Joy Harvest Hollie for Funky Junk! Lovely bits and baubles here my dearies!
So many lovelies to choose from in the way of Funkyness!
I would love to take that funky little car home myself....only I don't think my treasures would've fit  in the trunk! :o) Tee hee hee!
This bike brought back so many happy seventies funky memories of my purple banana seat bike. Oh the times that were had on that bycicle...my favorite part was the purple metallic fleck bike seat....groovy man!  :o)
I just had to snap a shot of the inside of this umbrella! I love how the thingies are shaped!  I'm so technical! Sorry, my bad! Hee hee hee :o)
Posters of past shows were for sale, along with the cutest of stuff soon to be offered at the new Farm Chicks Shop in downtown Spokane Washington! Supposedly to be unveiled in July 2010! ROAD TRIP!!!
O.K. now eat your "Fair Food" chicken terryaki on rice, and drink up chicas....we are off for more photos of the show soon! Next we will tour the more sophisticated side of junkin' at The Farm Chicks!

Hope you're enjoying the photos and trip! I love to hear your feed back!!!
See you back  here soon!
Trish :o)


  1. LOVE all the photo's!!
    I bought a skirt at the thrift store yesterday
    that has that same adorable ball fringe!
    The cutest skirt in perfect condition and $4!!
    Love skirts!!!

  2. Sophisticated - let's get it with it - that's me!!! I had a purple banana seat bike too - another bonding moment betwixt us!! You know me - I'm more upset about missing the teriyaki chicken and rice than I am about the show! :-) Someday life will be back to normal and I can do fun stuff with ya'll again!

  3. Aww, you're too sweet! Thanks for all the kind words! Sam had fun chatting with you.

    Courtney is a friend of mine. She is the one from A Cottage Life. I'm pretty sure she'll be back next time! Didn't she have the cutest stuff?

    My sister had the banana seat bike in my family, I was a little jealous!

    All of your finds together look fab. I just knew that the right person would love that purple suitcase! I love that rug! It's amazing. I think it would be a great bag. You must share the pictures if you turn it into one.

  4. Ah, so you are the lucky lady who bought Becca's purple suitcase. :)

    Really beautiful blog. Love all of your farm chicks pics!

  5. Well ladies, thanks so much for all your comments! I am honored that you came by for a little lookskie. The Farm Chicks show was so much fun...and I'm having lots of fun sharing it with all of you.

    Rebecca, you are welcome. I enjoyed talking to Sam as well...I think I may have come off as a stalker :o) but it was just so refreshing to see some spunky talent at the show. I hope you did well...it is difficult to be a trend setter in a show like that. I thought your booth was marvelous! Keep up the good work...and hopefully we'll see you again soon! :o)

    Well, I'd better keep up with the posts...I've got more to share!

  6. Loving your Farm Chick posts/photos...Wanderlux and A Cottage Life were my two favorites, and not just because I have the pleasure of being friends with both of those lovely ladies either...I couldn't believe the creative genius in all those Farm Chick Vendors...really inspiring!

  7. Ha, guess what! I've barely been home since I've been home and haven't really had a chance to sit back and visit all the lovely folks I met at the show. So, I was just editing some pictures for a wee post and instead of searching through my bags (I should be cleaning the house right now) I googled, "Rose-Marie..Farm Chicks Show" and your blog popped up. Ha! It was so fun visiting with you at the Davenport. I absolutely think ya'll should have a booth at the show next year!

    I hope you're having a gorgeous weekend!

    : )

    Julie M.


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