Friday, June 11, 2010

Farm Chick Farewell; For Now....

Well, as the junkin' came to a close we gathered up some of our fodder on the Spokane Fairgrounds Lawn and shot a few pictures. What a random mix! Some for each of us...and some for the store. We were not alone in doing this....look at this lovely ladies' things... this was a woman with a singular vision! This was Michelle from The Michelle Journals  She was the lucky woman just out shopping for her store to worry about...just a lovely shopping trip all to herself.  Ah shop for oneself is so much fun! Just look at that lovely pile! Boy....I'd better get over to Michelle's blog to see what she's been up to with all these lovelies!!!
So, we said Happy Trails to The Farm Chicks show, and headed back to our Hotel....where did we stay???  Well....only at Spokanes most Historical spot! But....we'll get to more of that in a bit.
I mixed us up some Cosmopolitans....not bad for staying in a hotel room huh? Kim was pretty impressed with my travelling bar talents...ok, so I didn't have any Martini glasses in my suitcase....but we did have sugar for the hotel glass rims thanks to my mom!  :) After we munched on a few doritos for stamina ( hee hee) we decided to go to dinner at a local hole in the wall.
...literally! No, just kidden...but this hole really is in the wall of one of these:
An enormous steam stack from The Steam Plant Grill just a block from our Hotel.
This plant supplied all the steam that ran Spokane back in the early 1900's. We actually got to go into one of these stacks!
Pretty cool huh? Unbelievable how tall these things are ....and the wind tunnel! They've now turned this plant into a really cool restaurant and brewery. After we ate we walked around and explored the place.
My husband....or any guy would love this place! Super industrial cool and great beer!
Oh yeah....and a fountain....with pretty ladies! :o)
Pretty ladies who shouldn't be trusted with too many buttons!!!  Hee hee hee!   Well, then we were off back to the hotel again. Ok, Ok....The Davenport Hotel  Yes...that Davenport. SO LOVELY...SO UNBELIEVABLE!
This fire is supposedly never to have "gone out" since first lit over a century ago!
This is The Peacock Lounge....for obvious reasons.
Aren't these stained glass lights lovely?
Then we posed for a picture to capture our fun night out. Left to right La Von ( one of my older sisters and first business partner ) Kim ( our store floor manager ) Jan ( my mom and second business partner ) and me. Yes I'm really THAT tall! My dad is 6'3" in case you're wondering. :o) We were all looking and feeling more than a bit worn out here....but happy!
We wandered the halls looking in all the ball rooms etc....there are so many! This place was enormous and beautiful.
This happens to be my favorite spot, the Hall of Doges. So pretty right?
This was an unbelievable renovation.
Well, if ever in Spokane, Washington you must at least stop in and see The Davenport Hotel. It is utterly charming. We sat and had coffee the next morning enjoying the light.
We then took the long trip home back over the mountains to the coast. The drive went well, and we had many stories to relive of the show. We were set afire with all the inspiration to take back home to Grandiflora and our own homes. It was a memorable trip to say the least. I can't wait to go back again next year. I hope you've enjoyed this trip with me. Please let me know if you've got any questions about going to the show....I'd be happy to help you.

Right now I'm sitting home after cheap pizza, a charming old Western movie with my hubby, kids are in bed, and plans for Church Directory Photos tomorrow morning. It's deffinately NOT the Davenport....but it's HOME....and that suits me just fine. My "fire" is still burning for home and hearth since 1995....and I don't expect to let it go out any time soon.
Trish ;o)

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  1. LOVED hearing about your trip. dang, next time we're staying at that fancy, smancy hotel! it looks SO beautiful! not that our Quality Inn wasn't classy,cuz it charming. (cough. cough)
    oh yes, we'll also be going back to the show....EVERY year until the end of time!!!


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