Monday, August 30, 2010

Having A Bit Of Trouble: Letting Go of Summer!

Is it just me...or is it really difficult to let go of Summer?!?! I was looking at some photos from earlier in the year, and wondering why I didn't take more snaps of my garden in the spring when it was looking so wonderful!!! Now my yard looks like a deep fried crispy critter! :(
I'm trying to avoid pulling said crispy fried I head into town to go thrifting instead! :)
I was so pumped when I found these little gems the other day. Aren't they sweet? I can't wait to bake some scrumptious goodies in them. What a fun set...I bet they're worth somethin' (as retro baking dishes are making SUCH a comeback!) but I'm not sure I could part with such fun vintage pieces. I know I'd never be able to find another grouping like them again! I wonder if there are more pieces? I'll have to start my homework online soon!
I decided to organize my doilies; my collection of pastels is starting to look a little bit like a 7 Layer cake! They just make me happy to look at them...again...having a difficult time letting go of that Summer sunny color!
The roses are coming to an end....I'd better savor them now while I've got the chance...
Hmmmm....maybe I'd better think about heading outside to pick some apples to fill up my new baking apple crisp might just help me through the end of summer blues....????
In the meantime I'm gonna sit and stare at my doily stack...and try to feel happy about the change of seasons...I'm sure there will be some happy moments coming this fall....but as school starts tomorrow, I'm feeling a bit bummed to give up my kids to another year of school days. As much as I look forward to some well deserved time alone....I'm gonna miss my little munchkins!

I hope you can enjoy the last of the golden summer....
Trish :)


  1. LOVE the doilie collection! Also, I think those dishes might be perfect for making mini crusty breads?!?! You know the size you'd serve soup in?

  2. Hi! I came across photos of your home on Flickr and just had to come over to your blog to see more. I love your home. Which I am sure lots of people have said to you. Hope you don't mind but I just had to show photos of it on my blog and tell all my readers to come over here and see the rest of your loveliness. Please come by my blog to see.

    I'm all about color too in my home and sometimes think I'm going overboard with it. But after seeing your think I'm just fine. I love love your vintage kitchen. I'd give anything to still have the original cabinets in my kitchen. If I could have any kitchen in the world...I'd have cabinets built that looked like they were built in 1931, the year my house was built.

    I am following your blog now and can't wait to see more.

  3. Found you from you being featuree at Mod Vintage Life! You have a darling blog and i am following along now.

  4. those baking dishes are so great. i have a drinking glass with very similar little houses...i wonder if it was all part of a series. how fun! i had my first pumpkin spice latte today and that is definitely helping me to take the edge off of the new school year. maybe one is in order for you after drop off????

  5. Ladies...I've been DYING to get over to this comment thread to THANK-YOU for being such great blog buddies!!! I LOVE comments!!!

    Janice, oooohhhh crusty bread....GOOD one!!!

    Nita...YOU ROCK! I LOVE the post!!! I'm so humbled and blessed to have been picked for such a wonderful post!!! I've been trying to get over and thank you....heading there next. Thanks so much again for being so kind and generous with your time and blog. You're very talented and I can't wait to see what you're up to next! :o)

    Amy, WELCOME!!! SO nice to have you here! I'm honored that you came to visit...I hope you like it here...I will look forward to hearing from you again sometime! :o)

    Heather my dearie, I'm still having so much fun getting to know you and your blog which is FAB!! Thanks for the heads up on the Pumpkin Spice Lattes....I haven't made it there yet...but I always look forward to their arrivals! Cheers my dear! :o)

    Well, I'm off...thanks again ladies... you are DEEPLY appreciated! :o)


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