Saturday, August 14, 2010

STOP!!! LEMONADE STAND!!!!'re driving down the road, and you see this sign... stop because...gosh darn it...those two little boys are just too cute with their little flags waving....and you remember how awesome it was when you were little and had your lemonade stand and people ACTUALLY STOPPED!!! :o)
Not to mention the fact that it's freakin' hot outside!!!!
90+ degrees in the shade?!?!?!?! Our Pacific Northwest bodies just aren't cut out for that kind of heat!  So you figure hydration is a good idea.
Boy these kids have it together....drinks, toys, complimentary candy?!?!?! AND they are giving 10% of all their money to needy children in 3rd world countries??? 
WOW!!! You're glad you stopped!
So, you take your drink and give them a "five" telling them to keep the change (which is good since they don't know how to make it anyway!) :)
And you head to your car, feeling good that there are still "normal" kids who do simple things to entertain themselves on hot summer days just like you did when you were a kid.
Many happy customers were served today by Tristan and Tristan. :) Apparently the drive to work doesn't develop in the 4th year...I've found shows up sometime in the 6th! :o)
Well, in one (HOT) hours' time these boys raked in $20.00!!!!! A far cry from what we made as kids! The great news was that there are children in a 3rd world country who will be given medicine because of this effort. Also, the supplies were paid for, and the boys earned their entry fee to the local Fair!
It's rides, animals, and yummy food for us! Hope you get to visit a local fair too!

Well you lovelies....
Popsicle wishes and lemonade dreams!
Trish :o)

P.S. I think I'm going to start a fan page on Facebook...Stopping for Lemonade Stands ROCKS!


  1. Bless their little hearts!! I love it when children learn early to earn money for things they 'want' and help those that really 'need'. Bless your heart too Mom!!

  2. Boy, did that ever bring back memories, Trish. You are such a GREAT mom--these boys are learning many valuable lessons early in life!

    Wish I had been in Lynden (instead of 96 degrees in Seattle!) at the boys' lemonade stand!

    xo Debi

  3. I always wanted to have a lemonade stand, but we lived in the country - far away from traffic. I remember that I tried once - my only customer was my dad coming home from work :-)


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