Saturday, September 18, 2010

Farm Fresh Eggs at Grandpa's Farm

I don't know where each and everyone of you I have no idea if you have access to farm fresh eggs. I HOPE for your sake, that you will try at least once very soon to get yourself some eggs freshly laid.
Farm Fresh Eggs are heavenly!
I can guarantee you that they will surely cost more than 10 cents a dozen! But even if they cost twice as much as regular store bought is worth it!
Now that being said, fresh eggs should not be wasted on mixing into meatloaf or some sort of obscure casserole. No, fresh eggs should be eaten in the purest form possible.
I prefer them fried over easy on hot buttered toast! But that's just me! ;o)
These photos were taken this past Spring, but I think they are timeless.
This is my dad's chicken coop. That is Elliot walking with a bucket full of kitchen veggie scraps to feed the chickens. My boys LOVE to feed the chickens with my mom and dad. It is a highlight in their day to feed them and then to collect the eggs!
This particular chicken coop was built sometime around 1920 or can imagine all the fun quirks. Most of the coop is used for storage now....but the end of the coop is just for chickens!
I love the old dusty doors, the chicken wire, and the sawdust on the floor.

These young chickens are now beginning to lay the cutest little teeny-bopper eggs! You wouldn't believe how tiny the yolks are! It is so cute. Tristan and Elliot along with their cousins Carter and Ally have all "laid" claim to their very own chick. It is SO awesome for our boys to have this opportunity for taking care of animals...even if it isn't full time. They've learned so much!
I like these Auracanas; they lay pale green eggs!

Oh, and I failed to mention that there are NO roosters here. They are TOOOOOO MEEEEEEAN!!!
Instead, Grandpa chose a Persnickity Peacock to lead the brood!
Grandma likes this alot, as Mr. Peacock leaves his lovely feathers laying brilliantly around all over the place!
The Eggs are so simple, but don't you just love the feeling a crate of eggs evokes?
Fresh bread, hot apple pie crust, quiche, custard, french toast, omelets, oh I could go on and on!!!
These girls are well fed and well protected. They are happy little cluckers. You can tell they're happy as they produce SO well!
Surrounded by such beautiful young evergreen Christmas Trees, who could be unhappy?
Well, I can't say that EVERY day on the farm is as blissful as this....but I can say we love to go to Grandpa and Grandma's farm to play and help out a little.
We end up finding that we learn more every time we visit.
Have a Happy Weekend!
Trish ;o)


  1. followed the flickr link here; lovely collection of photos and narrative as well

  2. Hello fellow 3rd CRC-er!
    I found your blog randomly about a month ago and it is so cute. so, instead of being a weirdo blog stalker I thought I would say hi. So...."hi" :)
    My husband always says he wants chickens when we buy a house. I said that was a-okay if he went out early mornings to feed them. :) We'll see... I think he might be all talk on this one. :)
    -Sarah Bajema

  3. Hey PinkInklings, I'm so happy that you found your way over here! Thank you so much for your lovely compliments, they are appreciated.

    Sarah, it's so nice to hear from you! I hope you can get those chickens you really want! They are SO worth it! I'm so glad you found your way here...I'm happy you commented. You are welcome back anytime.

    Trish ;)


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