Friday, September 3, 2010

Lovely Labor: In The Garden!

O.K. it's time to spend some last moments out in the garden....savoring the Autumn flowers that I love SO much! Have I ever mentioned that besides Christmas being "The most wonderful time...of the year!" for me, that September is my FAVORITE month? I guess it's because here in the Pacific Northwest it's the prettiest sunny days with cooler nights, the leaves begin to change overnight, and I have a Birthday! Funny enough, both of my sisters and I were all born in the month of it's always a month filled with outdoor parties celebrating the bounty of the gardens we all have (corn on the cob!), fresh Salmon, sometimes even fresh Crab, and Applesauce..or even better...Applecrisp! Sometimes we even have Fresh Venison...but that's a whole other blog that will be coming up soon...I hope!
Anemones are hauntingly beautiful if you ask me; they are one of the flowers for the month of September! Have you ever seen the pink ones??? Lovely!!!! I have these all over in my garden, this happens to be in my "white" garden.
I plan to hang out in the garden as much as possible for the next month...just drinking it all in before the weather forces me inside.
I will then be saying goodbye to the watering hose (thank heavens! I HATE to water!).
And I will be found in places like this...sitting a bit in between every chore that needs doing. Labor is a wonderful thing: you feel better when you've done some, it gets you what you want, and when it is over for the appreciate all that you have even more. Life is sweet when you can't deny it...taking a day off from laboring to appreciate the bounty that we have in this country is a very good idea.

Happy Labor Day weekend my fellow Patriots.
May it last long, be filled with joy, and may you be able to see the "fruits" of your labors!
Trish :o)

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  1. Thank you Trish. Happy Labor Day weedend to you too, fellow Patriot.


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