Monday, December 13, 2010

Etsy Lovin' & Listin'

As most of you know: I have 3 Etsy shops.
Trisha Brink Design
Ollie Bollen
Wesley Asher
( links to which are all on my blog sidebar)

I love to work with folks on Etsy!
It's so much fun to list, sell, and send items all over the world!
The best part for me is to find/make and photograph items that I wouldn't normally be able to sell at Grandiflora
(our brick and mortar local shop).
Alot of what I sell goes to New York, L.A., Britain, France, and Australia.
I tend to like things a bit retro, European, and sometimes trendy.
Thus the proximity of my shipments.

I've gotten to know so many wonderful artists and thrifters through Etsy; I encourage you to head over and do a little looking soon!
Choose from Vintage, Handmade, or Supplies for Crafting.
SO much to see, Too little time.
Hope you enjoy!

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