Monday, January 31, 2011

Caesar's our Neighbor, in Vegas Anything can Happen!

Ok, if you thought the Bellagio was large....wait till you see Caesars Palace! It's HUGE!!!!
Have you been following along thus far???
See my previous post for the kick off to all the buying fun....
here we go!!!!

Here's La Von (far right) heading into the Palace...

Honestly I think this is the largest hotel on the strip!

Here is our Hostess with the mostest!

Shopping till you drop is a reality here....I couldn't feel my legs anymore at this point!!

Maybe I could get a ride from this character?

Yikes! I think this guy was there for poking lazy folks like me to prod on to the next wonder....

Like this colorful window display...there's a bunny again!

HUGE H & M Store here!!!

Should've stopped and gotten some of this Gelato!

Then, we stumbled upon this part! Holy Smokes does it ever end???

Couldn't pass up an opportunity to see Anthropologie!!! My FAVE store in the world!!!

Flippin' cool displays, but I like our Seattle shops better as they are much larger and prettier!!! Yay Seattle!

However we don't have this Juicy of Couture!!! Such a pretty window display we were looking down into!

Hee hee hee...thought about purchasing this outfit as Lady Elvis!!!! Hee hee hee....Tacky!!!!!

Ok, we finally found our way back out, that place was GINORMOUS!!!!!!! I'm sure we didn't see it all!!!!

Back to seeing the strip.....stay tuned for more Las Vegas sightseeing!!!!

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  1. Can't wait to see you in the "sparkle like diamond in the sky" turquoise pant suit! You'll be the bomb!!


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