Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Celebrate Wonder Filled Days

 I've always been a little bit intruiged by Matryoshka Dolls from Russia.
I have a very specific memory of watching
Sesame Street with magically moving Matryoshka Dolls!
Am I the only one?
I have absolutely no idea how these sweet dolls are made...
but, I know it can't be easy!
Today I was joyfully listing away over at Etsy, and as I was measuring these sweeties my youngest son Elliot who is 4 was just captured by the wonder that is
He was so cute to watch opening the dolls and laughing that they were a mom and 3 sisters who had lost their baby.
Smarty pants that he is seemed to know that there was supposed to be a baby!
sadly the baby is missing in this vintage set....
but I think they are still very sweet don't you?
I am constantly amazed and filled with wonder at the mind of a 4 year old boy.
Elliot is such a joy to have around here that I just don't know how it will be when I must let him go to big kid school: Kindergarten.
He cracks me up,
plays kissing wars with me
( to see who can kiss eachother more)
snuggles with me while I work on the computer and even when I don't,
and most importantly....
reminds me that I should be happy when I'm busy with so much work to do...
because, according to him,
there are some moms who don't have anything to do but sit around at home all day and get bored.
I gotta love that kid!
Cheers to you all, hope you are well and enjoying life this Valentine's week!

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