Thursday, February 17, 2011

Daily Pleasures: Folded

"Folded" by Trisha Brink Design

Sometimes it is just so nice to be able to find beauty in the simple things. Last year in January of 2010, I vowed to get rid of my old boring (and tattered)  towels and dishcloths in my kitchen.
It was a wonderful idea!
Through the year when I found a towel here and a cloth there I'd pick them up;
some from Etsy, others from discount stores, and some of my favorites...
 from my very own shop
Grandiflora Home and Garden

I had just caught up on some long overdue laundry when I realized I had makeshifted a folding table out of my photoshoot backdrop....and thought....
....that would make a pretty shot!
there you have it.
My laundry:
So I put it on Flickr, when low and behold.... showed up here!
Don't you love the pretty selection that Selina Lake has put together here?
Oh the talent that is represented...and the colors....swoon!

Who knew that doing laundry could be so pretty?!
I encourage you to make even the simplest of things beautiful in your life;
you'll be so glad you did!


1 comment:

  1. dear sweet Trish,
    first off congrats on your photo being selected on flikr; Selina Lake. I can see totally why she did it though, the colors are well, the only word I feel justifies it is: Yummy!
    You have an eye for the beautiful!!!
    I could not agree with you more than when you said, "I encourage you to make even the simplest of things beautiful in your life;"
    just lovely:) melody


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