Saturday, February 26, 2011

I Can't Hear You! No Really. I Can't.

Cozy Coffee Cuffs I made. For sale at Grandiflora.

Gumdrop Rings I made. Also for sale at Grandiflora.

Rosa Bobby sets; again...Grandiflora.

More sweet vintage bobbies, Grandiflora.

Loving this pink one...maybe should've kept for myself?

Sophisticated Licorice colored rings; also at Grandiflora.

New watch I bought for myself...FROM Grandiflora!
Should be fun for Spring!
Hello everyone!
Wha? Wha? I can't HEAR YOU!!!!!
Seriously....I can't.
Sadly the strep throat (which was coming to an end as of thursday, or so I thought)
 has now turned into EAR INFECTION. :(
SO bummed, and in pain.
I'm trying my best to get caught up on updating my shops/blog/store with designs...thankfully I worked really hard a few weeks ago to supply myself with pleanty to get caught up on.
All these little goodies were made pre-sick fest!
They are happily displayed and waiting for girlies to snatch them up over at our shop

So, now that I'm (hopefully) on the mend (?)
I can just sit back and work on my happy little laptop
(where again, hopefully I won't infect anyone else).
I just wanted to say:
"Thanks so much to all you lovely blog friends who are always encouraging me, leaving me well wishes, and keeping me on my toes! You are more than appreciated!"
(minus the germies!)


  1. Trish,
    I feel for you babe. I too have been struggling with strep. NOT fun! Sorry yours now has turned to your ears. ugh.

    a quick question. a while back I won one of your lovely prints. can you tell me when it will be ready? I can actually come by the store if you want to save postage!!!

    get better hugs comin' at ya!!

  2. Soooo cute! I want a bunch!


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