Monday, February 7, 2011

When at World Market...

This is what we see when we're at market. (we also see lots of really boring stuff too!)
We love this company for its great silk floral ideas!

La Von on left, I'm on right, mom's taking photo.
World Market Las Vegas is VERY chic!
White leather couches, fire pits, heaters, a bar with servers dressed in white, and thumping club music at night!

We opted to go walk the strip some more after a long day's is the Cosmopolitan/Crystals Casino.
Wait till you see the Crystals...

We're not gamblers per se....but wouldn't it be cool to win that car???

More lovely Crystals....

and more.....

...and even more surrounding this swanky bar!

Found this uber cool shop in the Cosmopolitan!
I wanted something of everything, and wanted to take even more photos than I dared!
It's called All Saints: yes.... those are all antique sewing machines!!!

Hundreds of them from the Industrial Revolution Era!

Every display was better than the next!
Too $$$ for my budget however, so we just drooled on the leather boots and displays fashioned from
super cool antique industrial parts and pieces.
Las Vegas is fun to look at....but it was getting a bit overwhelming at this point.
One more installment left:
Stay tuned!

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