Thursday, March 3, 2011

If You Think I've Forgotten...

 Hello all my lovely blogger buddies!
I'm feeling better today!
It's a slow go...and I promise not to go on and on today about the recent
illness "incident".
On the contrary.
I'm excited to tell you that some important things have been happening in the way of my photography.
I have been back and forth with the printing process, trying to figure it all out.
(it's so much more involved than I ever thought it could be!)
I believe I'm starting to come to some conclusions about how it should best be done.
Above you'll see the new little "label" I've created for my prints,
it will go in every photo sleeve, card, or mounted print.
Secondly, I'm re-editing some oldie but goodie photos too.
You've all seen this one before...and it just keeps getting better each time I play with it in print
(before it was coming off too garrish orangey pink).
Amazing difference between computer monitors and paper print.
I'm trying to narrow my photos down to "collections" and am having a difficult time editing the quantities!!!
I have such sentiments attached to them all....
I am trying to stick to things I believe YOU the "consumer" would want hanging on your wall,
or to give on a card to a friend.
This is all so much harder than you might think!
I love it!
I'm happy to say that I've chosen a paper I's very crisp white matte and captures the picture perfectly.
I will be winding this process up hopefully by the end of the week...and be ready to start shipping those winning photos beginning of next week!
To those of you who've won already...I beg your apologies for not estimating my timing better
(my 4 weeks somehow turned into 6 with illness and printing complications).
To those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about....
be watching for a new release at Grandiflora soon....and hopefully Etsy to follow... after I've figured out some shipping kinks.

I just want to thank you ALL again for sticking it out with me through all this process of finding out who I really am creatively.
You'll never know how much it has meant to me on a stellar level.
and here's to
healthy again!!!


  1. no worries-sometimes things take longer than we expect, especially when life throws us some extra things to do along the way :)
    love your photos-and hadn't even thought of it, but yes-they'd make beautiful cards!
    glad to hear you're feeling better-i've been tackling this illness off and on for a week or so :0
    have a great thursday~

  2. Yay Andrea, thanks for understanding. I do hope you will feel better soon! My ear is "crackling" and when it does it hurts somethig awful...but every once in awhile, I can HEAR!!! Yay!!! :) The end HAS to be in sight???

  3. so glad to hear you are feeling better and are on the mend!
    No worres about the estimated time either, time is a hard one because LIFE get in the way and it is more important to have time with the family and getting well too!



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