Friday, April 1, 2011

Fabulous Flickr+A Giveaway!!!!

Pretty collection by Little Jenny Wren
What I love about Flickr is the enormous selection of pretties!
Some folks just have a knack for picking out great combinations of lovelies.
is such a talented crafter of sweet little dolls.
Have you seen her blog?
She is the one responsible for putting this sweet Flickr collection together,
you can find her
along with the other great artists she's featured in this photo
(including me! :)
Really cute!!

Also find her dolls for sale at her
She lives in Tasmania....and has the cutest things!
I hope you take the time to visit....

Also, don't forget to visit my blog post
to win a copy of a book called
Romantic Style
Selina Lake
You have until Sunday!
Happy Weekend!


  1. Oh Trisha, thank you so much for your lovely words and also for letting me use one of your gorgeous pictures in my mosaic

  2. looks great! i just love seeing all the nice collections of photos on flickr :)

  3. Everything is So to visit your links. Happy weekend. oxxo

  4. Oh my just had to pop back in.... just noticed you own Grandiflora!!!!! I adore your shop..I always try to visit when I drive through on my way to Bellingham. Next time I will look for you! xoxo

  5. Koralee, you are a sweetie! I look forward to seeing you! My sister La Von is the one who found your blog and told me I'd love it, I'm so glad she did! She is one of my partners at the shop (along with our mom) and she'd love to meet you too! We are usually there together on Tuesdays and Fridays if you are ever in the neighborhood! :)


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