Monday, April 25, 2011

GIVEAWAY! 4 Prints for Your Thoughts, Better Than a Penny!

Sorry, this giveaway is now closed.
I am having a
Four 5"x5" Photo Prints of your choice from my Etsy shop
 Are You needing a little help freshening up your walls at home?
In the office cubicle?
Or needing a gift while on a tight budget?
 Well, I'm here to help you out!
All you have to do is:
 Tell me what you'd like to see me photograph this Spring....
I am trying to get inspired for the warmer weather ahead (hopefully!) and all the possibilities for
great photo ops!
I am feeling like we've seen so many of the same pictures before...
I want to do NEW things, come up with NEW ideas, I need to be inspired by:
all you have to do is leave a comment here on the blog, & tell someone (or many others) about the giveaway.
Tell me what you'd like to see in my photography shop.
Think of something which is
than what you're finding out there nowadays.

If you don't have a blogger sign in...either post annonomously and enter your first name and last initial in the comment somewhere, or shoot me an email here:
I will be sure to see you are entered in the contest.

I am really looking forward to finding out what you wold like to see captured.
Nothing is too odd or long as it is "clean" and "good-natured" I'll listen to the suggestion!
Please be detailed...and don't forget to spread the word on your
Blog, Twitter, or Facebook....or wherever you find yourself chit chatting with others who like this sort of thing.
I want to hear from alot of you!
I will take comments until April 30th Midnight Pacific Time.
I will then announce the winner for the "best" suggestion.
I reserve the right to pick more than one winner....and do more than one giveaway.
Best wishes to you all...and I can't wait to hear what you come up with!!!

Remember, I trust you guys....
Sorry, this giveaway is now closed.


  1. Hello Trisha,
    I love your picture with garden wheel with roses. I think I would like to see a pictures with caps from the fragrances or white rabbits with old watch (as from the Alice in Wonderland)!
    have a nice day Vlaďka

  2. I really, really love pictures of eggs and spring always makes me think of fresh eggs. Also wooden crates - like the kind they use at the farmers market. I think those in lots of chippy colors would be great too! I am having 5 giveaways in honor of my blogivasery! come check them all out : )

  3. What a great giveaway! Your prints are AWESOME. Everyone has been commenting on my Time for Tea print (I framed it in a cream and green Dryads Dancing frame, and it looks so cute).

    I would like to see:
    1. Lots of peonies in a wicker (or woven) container.
    2. Vintage 1960's pyrex filled with raspberries.
    3. Orange blossoms in etched glass.
    4. Vintage white gloves and lucite purse (I remember girls wearing them to church when I was little).
    5. Old books (stacked) in some of your trademark colors. I would love a print like that for my library!!!
    6. VIntage Easy Bake Oven vignette with your Trish-ilicious styling magic.

    I bet you've done half of these, but this is what I would like to see! I can't wait to see what you come-up with this spring!

    Ricki Jill

  4. Hey there!!! So here goes...your photo choices are BEAUTIFUL by the way! Clotheslines with beautiful colorful vintage tablecloths or just fresh white, laundry folded in a basket out on the grass, alleyways between rows of old homes,(here in snohomish), entrys and front doors of homes and cottages, anything that pertains to "keeping home" as we are all spending more time there these days. All kinds of Northwest berry farms, hens nesting, mossy rooftops and mossy gardens, farmer's markets, all the beautiful flowers and produce in tidy rows ;) Is that enough for now? ;) ;) ;)

  5. I posted your giveaway on my blog as well ;)

  6. I love seeing run down boat houses. The darker browns of the faded wood, reds - blues - etc. of old oar boats, muddy river / lake water ... in the light of the summer sun and bright greens of surrounding trees. That is my absolute favorite! The rustic touch of the setting mixed with the romantic notes of Summer. Now those are some shots I could spend all day snapping & gazing away at.

    *This was super fun, thanks for posting the give away! Such a great idea. Off to tweet & send on facebook :)

    Jennie B

  7. You girls are just AWESOME!!! Keep it coming....and tell everyone you know! I am so inspired by your lovely thoughts and suggestions that I want to skip work and go on a field trip! :) I can't wait to hear what else you all come up with!

  8. Animal tracks. Especially bird tracks. Especially in the sand. Yep. I would love to see your treatment of those. :-)

  9. Ooh Jennie, that sounds awesome!!! I love that idea...I'm trying to broaden my selection...and that just might be the ticket! :D

  10. Wow my friend...such great ideas already...your friends really deliver!
    Lets see....anything that shouts "Nostalgic Summers"...cherry orchards...porch swings...piles of red & blue ticking striped fabrics...old buckets filled with lilacs ...rows of beach umbrellas....romantic picnics on pretty foral bedspreads
    There are soooo many lovely things to photograph and your images are stunning! Off to tweet about this my friend. xoxoxo


  11. Those images are just BEAUTIFUL! I wish I could take pictures like this...until then I'll ask you photograph
    1. A carpet of bluebells in the woods at Springtime
    2. Hydrangeas in an old french glass milk bottle
    3. A rusty old bike leaning against a weatherboard house
    4. A picnic in the sand dunes.

    Romantic, moi? Never. Must be all this Royal Wedding lark over here in Blighty. That and the milk bottle full of yellow tulips on my desk and the Cath Kidston mug full of tea next to me as I write.

  12. I just want rambling, climbing roses over a trellis fence or wall. Pale pink against a greeny background.

  13. am i allowed to enter your giveaway (since i won one of your last ones?) love your photos!!
    how about more animals? i love my bird print...what about cats and dogs?
    i also like seeing photos of art supplies-yarns, paints....
    can't wait to see what you choose :)

  14. It's all sounding SO good everyone!!
    ...and yes may enter again my dearie...I love hearing from you!!!

  15. A photo of a butterfly drinking from a vibrant field of flowers,
    A photo of green grass gracefully drizzled in a spring shower;
    For spring is dripping in sweetness.

    A picture of two song birds nestled in their love,
    A picture of two blurred human love birds on a sun stroked stroll through an enchanted park;
    For spring brings out the mating things and makes the heartbeats have drum rolls.

    A captured moment of empty once filled eggshells in a nest now broken in hatched pieces,
    A captured moment of a newly adopted fish, kitten, puppy or other pet;
    For spring is about new beginnings.

    A photograph of elegant books paired with flip-flops and a sunhat,
    A photograph of a sundress hanging in a window as it mingles with the sunshine and the spring bright curtains;
    For spring whispers of the coming summer.

    A photo of a gardener’s spade beside a newly planted flower with fresh soil richly proclaiming its new transplanted presence to its current home,
    A photo of strawberry shortcake on rose patterned plates,
    A photo of vintage dancing shoes upon a lovely floor;
    For spring is a celebration.

    A picture of two twig-boats racing on their way upon a moving stream,
    A picture of unopened love letters upon a dresser top,
    And, a picture perfect passport holding tickets nestled with a large jar of coins beside the kitchen sink,
    For spring is a time of anticipation.

  16. Oh My girls are really making it difficult to choose!!! WOW!!! Here is a lovely email I received this morning from a reader....

    I cannot tell you what joy it is for me to sit down and read your blog……..especially on a rainy cold day like this.

    I LOVE your photos!! It seems that I’m never a winner in giveaways BUT I feel inspired to tell you what I would like to see you try.

    Have you really looked at the sky lately?? I mean really looked at the amazing white clouds? I love the blue and white contrast. So I guess I would like to see photos of that.

    The other idea is taking photos from a kids perspective………..meaning taking the photo from the ground upward…………like standing under a GREAT OAK tree with the sun shinning through the branches. The trick would be to have the kid looking up while you are laying on the ground taking the picture from that angle. Or under a tulip (which happens to be my favorite flower)…….is it possible to get that low and get a picture from under the tulip?

    I have an empty walled craft room that I painted a bright sky blue with chocolate brown trim and I’m now stumped as to what to put on the walls. Because I LOVE photos and that is where I do my scrapbooks, it would be fun to have large prints on the wall as well as things that reflect me……………Tulips, sandy beaches, pretty umbrellas------hey I LIKE that…….. there are GREAT umbrellas out there just waiting to be in a photos! Porch swings either empty or with someone on it…..there is something SO soothing about a porch swing………..lay a book or favorite magazine on it and I’d want to crawl right into your photo………….there’s a challenge Trish…….take a photo of a porch swing that sooths the soul.

    There ya go. I’ve never done that before but hopefully it triggers something inside of you! You are so amazing and you should feel so proud of what you do………WOW!!

    Happy Wednesday to you!



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