Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Stories; from the land of Twiggs

Oh heavens, Miss Twiggs (Claudia) is always up to something scrumptious over on Flickr, Etsy, or anywhere you will find truly artistic creative folks hanging out. She has such a talent for searching out fun photos that tell beautiful stories....

I really like the Flickr set she curated from pretty benches (mine is the one top middle, taken in Loreto Baja Mexico in a very old Mission) This collection makes me want summer and sunshine and well....not rain (which is what we've been having here for what seems like weeks straight) Thanks so much Twiggs for the inspiration to prod on through the rain....and hope for brighter sunshiney tomorrows and.....a spot to sit and relax.


  1. hello my sweet!!! thank you so much for these kind kind words!!! oh the day is even brighter now!!! ;) i am looking forward for more sun too, we are having summer days actually but it is april not august, so rain must be planned for sure! :) hugs! twiggs

  2. lovely images. I too am hoping for a brighter and sunnier tomorrow..


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