Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Midnight Maids...a Cinderella Treasury Story

Just wanted to share a little Treasury over on Etsy that I whipped up this morning at
I belong to the
Treasury Friends Team on Etsy.
This basically means that I promise to feature other TFTeam members' products in my treasuries, if they promise to feature me.
it's that simple....we promote eachother!
You scratch my back, and I'll scratch yours sorta thing.
If you have an Etsy might want to think about joining a team too!
On Ollie Bollen I'm a member of the Ugly Cute know...
"so ugly it's cute" !
& over at Trisha Brink Design I'm also a member of the Treasury Friends Team.
I keep getting invited to different teams...and I may join....but I'm really picky about making treasuries (which is terribly time consuming) so in order to meet alot of the team requirements I am slaving away making treasury after loses a little bit of it's fun that way.
I only join Treasury Teams that only require one treasury a month.
That way I only "HAVE" to make 3 treasuries a month, unless I'm inspired to make more.
However, I've been featured in over 100 treasuries in this past month alone with all three shops involved!!!
Whew....that's alot of free advertising!
I just <3 Etsy!

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  1. woah-that's a lot of treasuries!
    i'll have to pop by and check them out :)


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