Thursday, June 23, 2011

Comandeering the Mancave for Girly Pursuits

The orginal Man Cave a la Chad Brink my Hubby
Kinda neat huh?
Circa 2003-ish

Colors resemble those of the original Harley Davidson Logo
Black, Green, Cream, &....

( you can't make it out in these pictures....but the ceiling is a coral orange color)
My hubby picked this color scheme himself...obviously he's lived with an Interior Designer for too long!

Bear in mind these previous photos were taken color isn't that great.
I think you get the idea...this was the rock n roll headquarters of the house....with a dash of Harley, and a smidge of rugged outdoorsman for seasoning!
 There finally came a point where I had to ask Chad to move his things into the basement because my online shops were starting to take off and I needed the space for storage.
I had one failed attempt a little over a year ago at trying to paint this room for my use
( can you see the blue green in the photo below? )
Chad was kind enough to move into the basement (which is bigger anyway).
He was able to combine his passions all into one area...not very pretty or neat yet...but at least all in one place!
So I started plunking not often used items into this room...a little at a time it became very full with....junk!
Sadly, this is what the room had become. I just couldn't find the time to get into this room with 2 little ones around & all my business work.
Needless to say, I've been keeping the doors closed on this room forever!
Can you see that dust???

There really is a fair amount of space here.
One door connects to the living room, the other connects to the main hallway.
There are 2 windows one facing south and the other west.
Of course I love all the vintage details from 1913!
The previous owners even added a sweet built-in closet which you saw above with Chads' guitars in it.
We took the closet doors off and installed hockey-puck lighting...not sure if I'll leave it that way?

Again, here is the sad failed attempt at painting. I really like the color scheme....but think I might opt for white to keep it even more clean and simple?

Here is a good example of what you DON'T want your desk to look like!
It's ok...this desk is going away anyway!

Some great space for more shelving or cupboards eventually.

Here's the built-in I was talking about...pretty great huh?

Original Fir Floors. We refinished them not perfect...but still pretty sweet!

Oh! What's that I see???? WHITE PAINT???
This is going to be a slow process...

I hope you're patient to wait for an "After" from me. I'm going to have to work around all the big "stuff" in the room as there is no where else for it to go at the moment.

First coat has gone on one wall....just 3 more to do!
I wanted to show you some inspiration here for the style of office I'd like to create.
So, I figured it would be best to send you to my
I hope you take the time to go and check it out!!!
You won't be sorry.
In the mean time I'll be here....s l o w l y   p a i n t i n g   a n d    c l e a n i n g.


  1. I'm sure this office will turn out beautiful knowing you! I can't wait to see. I think that orange ceiling needs to be the first thing to go.

  2. Haa haa Nita....I think you're right! Sadly I ABHOR painting ceilings :( Oh well...I just have to keep telling myself it will all be worth it in the end.


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