Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Thread of Life....

Seamstress Necklace Gold Cream Turquoise
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 Well, it's been another interesting day without the kids at home.
I did lots more cleaning and organizing in the "storage" room ( I'm bound and determined not to call it my office until I'm actually sitting down at my desk typing... because I think it will help me to keep moving forward!)
Bibbity Bobbiny Bead Necklace
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 I had to go to 2 meetings tonight so I was unable to continue working in the room this evening...but you'll be happy to know I did do some painting earlier today.
I'm having to "paint around stuff" because there is just no other way!
My home looks like a cyclone hit it right now!
 Not only am I working on this storage room to office/studio...but my sons' rooms upstairs are in upheavel from the remodel there....
if that wasn't enough...
my husband is building a chicken coop in our backyard!
Did I mention we live in the city (albeit a fairly goodsized lot)?
We have no garage?
the construction and "stuff" is everywhere!!!
I'm not sure there is one truly uncluttered room in the house.
Every bit of space has had to be used up for some sort of chaos or another.
 It could be SO much worse I don't want to complain too much.
I'm happy to have a renewed room for my office/studio, I'm thrilled that my boys can have their own rooms (especially Tristan who as an off and on ill little boy needs his extra space...did I mention he's starting to get nausiated pretty badly now whenever he has to get his once weekly chemo/methotrexate shot? Poor kid...)
 I'm really happy that the chicks living in my basement in a box with a heat lamp will soon be able to strut their stuff in a newly built hen house!
Yes, we have 6 hens and one Turkey!
 My husband is building a really wonderful structure from
"hand me down"
random bits and pieces of this n that.
I hope to be able to show you photos of that someday too!
I can't wait for those little hens to start laying!!!!
I ADORE fresh eggs!
That's actually sort of funny due to the fact that as a kid, I couldn't bring myself to eat an egg even if I tried!
I hated them!
Now, I have to try and limit myself to how many eggs I can eat in a week!
getting to the point of this post:
I've listed a whole new selection of the
"Seamstress Necklaces"
Vicki Dvorak (Simply Hue),
a kind blog friend of mine... was kind enough to help me do a bit of promoting here.
Vicki has SUCH a lovely shop and blog...I do hope you can go and check it out!
As I pick the bits of paint off my hands from earlier today, I am reminded my fun new necklaces, the thread of life winds itself through each and every day I have here on this earth....and thus how much I am blessed with:
+ a solid home
+ a caring husband
+ great kids
+ supportive & loving extended family
+ driven church
+ relatively good health
+ food in my tummy
+ good friends
+ a job I love to do
+ and lovely blog buddies!

I am truly blessed....and am thankful for so many things it's difficult to put into words.
I hope for you a wonderful day threaded with lots of simple pleasures...and signs that what you've got...ain't all that bad.
Just remember:
" Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be."
- Abe Lincoln


  1. love the necklaces!!
    i'd love to see the chicken coop when it's done :)

  2. I found your Etsy shop through Paper N Stitch and your blog from Etsy. I REALLY love your aesthetic, the tone of your blog, and your "about me". You're officially in my google reader. Thanks!


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