Monday, July 25, 2011

Friday Night Crabbin'

My hubby Chad pulling up the crab pot.
 Hi everyone!
I've gotten away for a bit over the weekend....and wanted to share a little bit of the adventure with you all.
As you know I've been ultra busy at Grandiflora lately.
It was really nice to have a break away for the weekend with my hubby, kids, and inlaws out on Eliza Island here in the San Juans.
Eliza is a smaller private island with no ferry service, so you must have a boat or plane to get there and it sits just off Bellingham Bay and Chuckanut Ridge.
My inlaws have a lovely home out on the island and had been taking care of our kids for the past week.
Since my hubby and I are NOT of the retired kind....we weren't able to join them until the weekend.
Here is just a glimpse of my hubby Chad and our two boys crabbin' on Friday evening on our way out to the island.
Our oldest: Tristan. Very happy to see a number of
"keepers" & a SUN STAR!!!

You really don't want sun stars in your crab pots as they actually can eat a crab!

Elliot is our little dare devil. He LOVES to hunt for critters and pick them up. He is the ultimate BOY! Doesn't he look about as happy as a tornado in a trailer park?

Check out the size of this Dungeoness Crab!!!
Alaskan King Crab may be larger.....but they sure don't have anything on the flavor of a Dungeoness!!!
We were impressed with the size of the crab we were catching!
We had a number of crab to throw back too....but we limited out daily,
& ate it daily too!
I have 8 of the little buggers in my fridge right now; hmmmmm....I think it's time to break out the butter and garlic!
I hope to be back with a few more photos of the adventure....but for now I just wanted to know how your weekend was?? Did you do anything fun? Adventurous? Peaceful? I'd love to hear about it!
Cheers to you all, and I'll try to be back here again to do some more

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  1. His little face belss him, he seems to be enjoying himself, so does Dad :)

    I have crabbing on my summer list for this year and can't wait to give it a go as I have never done it before, it looks great fun xxx


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