Saturday, July 16, 2011

Look I Squeezed Some ME Time In!

 Hi Everyone!!!
I know I've been really MIA lately due to all the "behind the scenes" stuff going on at our shop
But amazingly enough I was able to spend a little "me" time in between the hectic schedule I've been keeping!
I guess I shouldn't complain, I love what I do for a living...sometimes it just gets a little crazy with the running here and the running there.
I suppose I'm a bit depressed as well as it's been raining for what seems like weeks here in the Pacific Northwest. Not the typical July sunshiney weather we are used to here.
 I was able to do some listing of fun retro vintage products over at my Ollie Bollen site on Etsy lately.
I'm always happy when I can get some new products listed. I've been selling so many things lately that the shops were getting a little this is a fun perky jump on things.
 Funky Fat Quarters for Granny Chic Quilting!

I only wish I could see what these lovelies will turn into once they meet their new owners!
I've been priviledged enough to see some goodies made by
with my vintage fabrics...

isn't her pillow cute?
You should follow the links to these lovely ladies' Etsy shops....they are really sweet!

I also recently made a rather large number of goodies including:
84 pairs of earrings
68 decorative bobby pins
24 rings
more greeting cards than I can count.
All of which went to our shop
We were so low on all these goodies that I rushed them into the shop without taking I'll have to go and take a few snaps so you can see what I've been up to at o'dark thirty!!!

I'm hoping you are all well and enjoying your summers!!!
Hope to be back soon as work permits!

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