Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Blue Ribbon Fair Experience

We have an awesome fair in our town which is over 100 years old!
My Grandmother was born in this town when it began as a humble assembly of folk.
The beautiful thing?
Most families of the decendants who started the fair still come and participate in it!
One of the things I love best about the fair is the old fashioned-ness of it.
Just look at the Dahlias!!!
I love the little blue ribbons

 The dahlias are not alone....they are accompanied by herbs,
 vegetables in numerous assortments,
 & even nuts!
 My sons are particularly impressed with the veggie creatures made by other kids...oh yes...and that
"ginormous" big cabbage!
I also like to look at the Pies, Cakes, Cookies, and most especially Preserves and Canned Goods!
I love canned foods.
My hubby and I have been canning and freezing like crazy the last few days....another blog post on that later...
Our parents were great at canning too!
Both Chad and I grew up eating pleanty of home canned foods:
Chad loved canned peaches on top of steaming hot waffles.
I dreaded one more dinner which revolved around canned salmon (when you live in the Pacific's kinda a regular hazard). But I did LOVE green beans, applesauce, & peaches too!
I have all sorts of fond memories of my grandmother's basement where my grandfather had made up this perfectly proportioned room where she could store all her canned goods.
It was pristine white, & if I remember correctly...that perfect shade of jadite green. It gleamed of wild colors of magenta, orange, and olive green.
Apple Sauce, Green Beans, Currant Juice, & Pickles.
My personal favorite were the spiced & sugared whole pears in syrup...their little stems were still attached & even the pits were still inside.
Mmmmm.....Oh how I loved to stare at the perfectly placed jars with cursive written labels.
Where Kerr, Ball, and glass mayonaise jars were topped with brass colored rings that shined in the light.
I wish I had that room in my basement...I could....but oh what alot of work that would be.
Maybe some day?
from there we were off to watch the horse shows....lots of great childhood memories here.
 The American Rodeo Cowgirls put on one fantastic show with flags in tow.
There were draft horses, mini ponies, and even some chariot races too!
My personal favorite was the little kids doing the mutton busting.
Yeah, 5 year olds trying to ride sheep...hilarious!
 Off to dig in the hay for treasures...
 ....and visit the VAST AMOUNT OF ANIMALS at the Fair!
We had a great day, and were back a second day just to ride all the rides in the Carnival!
What an awesome Fair we have it's called
If you're in the area around the teens of MUST come to visit!
You won't regret a visit to a fair.
Have you been to a local fair lately?
How was it?
I'd love to hear from you!

Well, I've been:

so much lately that I feel I must get to bed and get some shut eye.
I'd love to tell you more about what I've been up to...but I'm just terribly exhausted.
I hope to be back more soon!


  1. I adore this fair..we always go but not this hoo....thanks for sharing my sweet friend. xoxoxo

  2. Oh Miss Koralee...then you know how great it is! Sorry you missed it this year...but there's always next! Hope you are well my friend! :)

  3. Sweet friend..thank you for the yummy blackberry recipe......yummmmmm. I made a peach/blackberry crisp and jam but will try your recipe soon. Looks easy and yummy! Monday hugs to you.


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