Saturday, August 13, 2011

Girls Day Out!

 I've got a few new friends as of June...they talk and talk, eat nothing but organic foods, and generally have stolen my boys away from me.
 Their names are Danni, Cami, Zebra, Batty, Goldie, and Speckles.
We also have a Turkey of a new friend named Fuzzy.
 Well these girls really like to get out once and awhile...actually every day to be exact.
After they convinced my hubby to build them an apartment complex (they promised to pay him in eggs this fall) they set to wandering around the yard eating my weeds and flowers.
I hear them getting really excited about bugs and worms too.
Poor Olive the WonderDog sits by the window and whines to chase...but even she must wait her turn to have at the fenced yard.
The girls have taken over.
Goldie the Wonder Chick
(to be precise)
has taken over!
She's the leader of the pack...and the "Golden Girl" if you will.
It will be an exciting year here for the girls, I hope they don't complain too much this winter.
My hubby has promised to finish the complex & stain it too.
Boy those girls sure are demanding!
I must admit I'm a little jelous.


  1. This post made me smile! =D

    Goldie definitely looks like the leader of the pack! haha
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. love this! i just finished my coop remodel! your girls are surly pretty! xoxo, tracie

  3. Welcome ladies : ) How very exciting this year ahead will be xxx

  4. What pretty ladies....I didn't know you had chickens. Lots of activity in your yard....I would imagine.

  5. Oh I have always wanted chickens...what fun!

    Your last post spoke to me....I am so into wallpaper...just received a packet of it in the mail...going to do some patchwork to find a piece of furniture today or maybe a small wall somewhere in my home..pure joy. xoxoxox


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