Monday, September 5, 2011

On the Edge of the Forest, Adventures NEED Exploring...

Deep black...and dripping with magenta juices...they are beckoning.
They are calling to us bandits as we wander the forest trails.

So dark and mysterious is the many wonders hiding round every bend and curve.
Nests & trails, dens & hideaways....but then we see a few rays of light...
...late pinkish blooms nod in the breeze.
And here we are, the blackberry bandits...ready with ball caps and hungry tummies... isn't long before we have our fill...blackberry "blood" covers our hands and lips....scratches our arms and legs.
Never fear, for there are more wondrous places and things

 to discover in the rivers

 and forrests of childhood.

Dreaming you big dreams and the wonder which comes to my life everyday through the eyes of my boys.
Sparing you all the icky stuff (like "Cool Pirate Dogfish" skeletons)
...or at least sparing you from smelling it!
They are Wonder-Full!

It's a wonder that hardly sleeps; a desire to explore that never ceases.
Oh how blessed I am to be the mother of boys!
I love that God knew I am a tomboy at heart...and He knew I needed boys to justify my heart for adventure!


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