Monday, September 19, 2011

Thrifty Crafty Birthday Gifts: Oh How I Love Them!

 As you know...I'm into anything crafty and thrifty.
Sometimes the two items go hand in hand.
It was my sister La Von's Birthday this past week, and I want to show you what I gave to her as a gift.
First things first.
You have to understand that La Von and I (along with our mom) own a very fun shop called
since La Von can get nearly anything new she could ever want in the way of a gift from our shop....
I don't EVER buy her anything new.
It's just too redundant.
I get thrifty and crafty.
The MAIN GOAL is to find something that will bring her joy, is useful, or is at least very pretty!

I opted for a practical (yet adorable) sewing basket.
I collect these myself...but this color was just perfect for the gift I already had going for La Von.
She can use this for sewing...or really anything else she desires; jewelry would be cute pinned into the cushion....and that's why I added the vintage yellow poppy brooch.
I actually see her wearing this as she loves yellow just like I do!
I had fun adding all sorts of little goodies to the basket...
Lavon has started collecting all sorts of, I thought she would like this vintage folding ruler for displaying with.
La Von earlier this year finding yard sticks at The Farm Chicks Show in Spokane, WA.

La Von is also the clothes hound and accessory guru in our family.
She always looks so well put together.
I decided to make her some smokey glam earrings.
(I'll be debuting more of these at the shop soon too!)
Gosh it's difficult to capture the brilliance of these stones...they just glisten!
La Von is also a voracious reader... and LOVES LOVES LOVES birds too!
I found this awesome book about bringing song birds to your garden...I knew she would love it.
Then, I made this sweet vintage inspired bookmark to go with it.
I used vintage turquoise burlap & a sweet aqua rose cabochon on one side, with...
....a cute decoupaged game tile with vintage wallpaper & a glass flower bead with swarovski crystal.
She told me I should sell these in the shop too....oh so little many BIG ideas!
Wish I could craft everyday...but there are dishes to be done & laundry to do!
Oh we had such a lovely family gathering for all our birthdays over the weekend.
I will have to write down the recipe for the
Caramel Apple Cheesecake Bars
I served, as they were a hit!
(it was a little something I I'll have to "figure out" the measurements first!)
I will post the recipe soon if I can!
Then after dinner,
my mom, sister Carrie, sister La Von, & I headed to go see the movie
If you havn't had a chance to go see it....or read the should!
I'm off to run errands and figure out all that needs doing this week.
I hope you are all having a fabulous new week, and I'll try to see you back here again soon!

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