Monday, October 17, 2011

Sweet Tweets!

 Oh how I love me some birds!
Don't you?
 I think I'm happiest when birds are singing somewhere near by.... I'm so drawn to them.
How about you?
What is your favorite bird?
I love the look of the Blue Stellars Jay, but they screech so nastily
 ( I know, as I have some living in my yard).
I also love the look of a Flicker....but they pound holes in the side of my house!
Eagles are SO magnificent....but I always find calf, dog, and cat bones below their nests when I'm in the wild....eiuwww!
I'm more of a tweetie bird sorta girl.
You know,
the sweet little chickadees & wrens.
I also adore watching swallows swoop and dive.
Owls have always fascinated me as well as hawks.
I love the sound of seagulls when I'm at the beach....and I only like crows in the fall.
One of the best sounds is Canadian Geese flying overhead,
when a wild dove coos in the wilderness....well it's just bliss to me!
Today I decided to show you some of the sweet tweets from my shop
I've been uploading some new items lately....don't you love the cute birds?
I do!
I'm also digging the new turquoise blue
Turks Knot Necklace
that we are featuring now.
I'd better get some rest.
I'm heading to
Children's Hospital
tomorrow with my son Tristan.
I hope we will get good news there.
I'll try to get back here again soon!?

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