Friday, November 25, 2011

Happiest Trees E V E R !

 My kiddos are having so much fun this week!
We've been crafting and creating up a storm for a craft show they are working towards.
If you've tuned in lately, you'll have seen what they've been up to so far.
Todays blog post is about how to make:
Wanna try it?
Gather your supplies....
 Colorful Popsicle Sticks
(easily found in the craft store)
Heavy duty kitchen style scissors
Tacky Glue
"Star" paper punch-I used a flower.
Sticky Gel Gems in Assorted colors & styles
Yarn or Ribbon
Glitter paper
Simply cut your popsicle sticks down to size and glue to base stick.
Add ribbon or yarn to back by gluing.
Paper punch a star for the top.
Decorate with gems.
Happiest Trees Ever!
So, if you're local....come and stop by the craft show to get yourself one!
The boys are trying to earn money to buy
farm animals for families
We hope the boys will learn some valuable lessons through this event,
that they will have alot of
fun too!


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