Tuesday, November 22, 2011

More Funky Christmas Crafts...

 ....& So I'm back.
If you visited last time, you may have already read that my two sons
Tristan 8 & Elliot 5 are going to be participating in a:
 So, they are crafting up a storm, working on all sorts of wild and wacky things that kids will
love, Grandmas will find irresistable, and hopefully mamas will pay for!
 The past week has been a flurry of trims, papers, glitter & glue!
 It's all worth it however as the boys are trying to raise
to buy farm animals for needy folks through
They are bound and determined to do this...so Dad and I have committed to donating the funds
my ever wandering creative mind
to come up with super fun
crafty goodies to sell.
 These super cute paper cones will be really fun stuffed with
Christmas Candies don't you think?
Why don't you come by and see what else they'll be selling?
 Want to know how to make your own?
It's easy!

Gather your Supplies:
Piece of scrap cardboard
Dinner plate
Scrapbooking papers
Small Hole Punch
Pipe Cleaners
Pom Poms
Super Sticky Tacky Glue
Assorted Trims
Tissue Paper
Candies Etc..

First, take a large dinner plate & trace it onto the cardboard.
Then find the center and cut a "piece of pie" that is one third of the circle.
(See Below)
This one third sized piece will be your template.
Now trace the template on your cardstock and cut out.
Roll your piece of paper until it forms a cone;
staple once at top opening to secure.
Punch two holes opposite eachother on either side.
Insert pipe cleaner on both sides and bend up to form a handle.
From there it's totally up to you how to decorate.
We glued paper trim around the top & glued pom poms on the front and the bottom
to resemble a circus clown suit.
Wrap your goodies in tissue and place in the cone.
These are great party favors for anytime of the year!
We are having so much fun making crafts!
Stay tuned for even more cool kid crafts this week.
I'm hoping to show you what the boys'
cousin Carter (who's 10) will be making to sell at the craft show too!
You have to see the adorable....
I'd better not spoil it for anyone!
Stay tuned....

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