Saturday, December 10, 2011

16 Years!

 Can you believe it?
"What?" you say.
I've been a married woman for 16 years!
"Get out!" you say
I've really been married for 16 years now!
Aren't these lovely?
My hunny surely loves me, yes he does.
We had a lovely evening out together last night without the kiddos!
( THANK-YOU Grandma & Grandpa Brink! )
It was so much fun!
We haven't been out without kids for quite some time
( a.k.a. forever! )
We weren't quite sure what to do with ourselves...
we ended up at a great SUSHI spot and gorged on rolls upon rolls of Japanese goodness.
We then set out to do our Christmas shopping for the munchkins.
( Actually not fun to fight our way through the toy aisles....but fun to shop for the boys! )
Then we spent an hour or so drinking lattes and looking at magazines over at the local
Barnes & Noble.
It was bliss!
What a relaxing, fun, and delicious night.
I felt guilty for most of the evening as we don't generally splurge on all these frivolities....
but honestly by the end of the evening,
I was perfectly content & satisfied with just spending some alone grown-up time with my
The boys were over night to a peaceful evening and
a peaceful MORNING for me too!
I feel like a queen!
one must not waste time like this.
I'm off to do something momentous!
Not sure what that will be yet....but I'm hoping it's


  1. Congratulations on your 16th anniversary!! :D

  2. congratulations Trisha!! What gorgeous roses ^_^ my bf never buys me flowers.. so i just treat myself lol

  3. What JOY....congratulations dear one. Such pretty roses too.
    xoxoxo Happy week


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