Monday, December 5, 2011

They Did It!

 It was a great day....a day to 
The boys
Elliot  & Tristan
were in top form for salesmanship!
We set up at the Local Lynden Library and were ready for business at 10:30!
The boys were so excited to earn money by selling crafts they had made.
The goal?
to buy a goat and two chickens

There were pleanty of other crafters there too...
here's my nephew Carter selling his adorable snowman containers from recycled creamer bottles.
They are awesome for dispensing powdered hot cocoa mix!
 There was quite a crowd to see all the kids and their crafts.
 So many happy crafters with anything from food...
 to hair clips.
 Pearler bead magnets...
 ...and necklaces.
 One has to get a kick outta all the adorable kid crafts!
 We were blessed with so many happy shoppers who were so generous to support our kiddos!
 It was a great day to be sure!
The boys raised
drumroll please......................
OVER $100.00!!!!!!
Whoooo hoooo!
We donated the money directly to  buy the goat and 2 chickens, and the remainder was divided equally between the two boys' savings banks.
We couldn't be more pleased with the success of the sale.
I'm personally excited about all the lessons the boys learned through this process.
to all of you who supported us with words of encouragement, blog mentions, & purchases.
You have all done something
you have helped to save lives from
May HE bless you for your acts of kindness and mercy.
Merry Christmas

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