Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I've Been Away to Market...America's Market!

How about wading through 56 city block sized floors of product?
Remember, 90% of what you need to weed through isn't what you want to see....and the 10% of what you do...
is sprinkled throughout.
Would you be up for it?
Imagine shopping from 9 am to 9pm, and then going to a hotel room and ordering from the computer/ catalogs until 2 AM....then getting up at 6 to start all over again for 6 days straight!
The strangest part?
You're not bringing home a single purchase...
only bags filled with paperwork and catalogs.
Would you be up for it? 

We were!
La Von, Kim & I were ready to shop the many floors of merchandise
America's Mart Atlanta, Georgia.
What a wonderful site to behold!
We were shopping for our stores
Boy oh Boy,
was it hard work!
Exhausting, if one must be totally honest!
just wait until you see what we found....what lines we decided to carry & who we met!
You'll just have to be a little bit'll take a little time to upload all of that information!
We missed our families, and co-workers....but were excited to have found all the best merchandise for our customers!
Now I have piles and piles of paperwork to deal with....but it's ok....
I'm on fire to get started with tons of inspiration!
Sadly my eyes are heavy (as it took us many hours of layovers we weren't planning on) and ready to sleep!
We endured snow storms and mechanical problems flying back to Seattle from Atlanta via Los Angeles....yes I said a layover in Los Angeles!
Oh well....a little shut eye....and I'll be as good as gold!
Watch for more updates soon!

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