Sunday, March 11, 2012

Do You Have the Bug Yet?

So how about it?
Have you got that Spring Cleaning bug yet?
I sure have had it...running around all over the place cleaning this and that.
I must admit, I've only really gotten into the obvious cleaning thus far...
not the
"pull the stove away from the wall and clean behind it"
bug yet.
I think I may have been vaccinated for that bug...I havn't caught it in awhile!

So much is going on around this house lately that my head is spinning!
Honestly....this is the
"week I need to get through"
in order to
experience a little bit of peace and quiet
around the house.
I can't wait to share all sorts of wonderful things with you
Until then,
wishing you clean windows & fresh sheet dreams!


  1. Oh yes i have it.
    Boxes are filled and ready to be taken by my friends from the Thriftstore, i'm cleaning, ordering and reaorganizing and bags full of old clothing are leaving the house and the administration is almost done and my craftroom is almost cleaned and...

    oh yes i have the Spring Cleaning bug for sure!

  2. I have not caught it yet but once the sun shines in my windows and I can see all the will hit me. xoxox HUGS


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