Thursday, March 8, 2012

Kick Back and Relax? Not Today My Friends....

Work, work, work....
fun work....

How's about you?
I'm fussing and and fussing some more...much to do...
much to share!
Hasta Luego Chicas!


  1. Looking forward to reading what you have to share. =D (I'm making little secretive guesses in my head.)

    I plan to spend the rest of the evening with a bit of crafting and some more cleaning. That, and ending the night enjoying a wonderful cup of tea. =)

    1. Sounds like a great evening! I'll let you know when I have more to share... until then enjoy your crafting!

  2. Oh I want to do just that...but you are rest today...
    I would love to rest in your lovely room...pure delight...just look at those colours.
    Congratulations on your contribution to HOMESPUN STYLE....could you let me know what pages you are on.

    1. Hoping you can get some time to relax this weekend! Sadly my home is not in the book, they weren't allowed to come to the u s (budget reasons) to do a photoshoot. So, they featured our listings in the back instead. Grandiflora is featured, oliebollen my etsy shop is featured, and my blog is featured. Would of loved to have been in it, but am more than happy to have been named. im so happy for selena and debbie that it turned out so beautiful. Hope you are enjoying your copy! Have a great weekend! :-)


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