Sunday, June 17, 2012

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Tins....

I love tins...don't you?
Vintage ones inparticular grab my attention.
I have found and sold so many tins in the last few years over at my shops on Etsy, that I am beginning to wonder if it would be better for me to quit my day job?
( Ha! Not really! ;)
The one below recently flew to a happy new home in Australia.

Even tin recipe boxes can be fun to collect....

I love all the bold colors and great use of graphics used on these commonplace kitchen items...
Do you collect tins too?
I know there are many of you out I sell the tins just nearly as fast as I can find and list them over at my shop Ollie Bollen on Etsy.
What do you like to store inside of them? Buttons? Candy? Money?
Any which way you look at them, they are handy and pretty all at once.
Happy collecting!


  1. I love tins too my friend...I am getting quite a collection. I love picking them up for pennies at the salvation arm....hugs to you! Hope you are well. xox

  2. these are great! i'm a tin junkie too-i have so many i cant display them all at once ;) mine are mostly candy and cookie boxes~~


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