Friday, June 29, 2012

Why Instagram Has Ruined My Blogging Process

12 Reasons why Instagram has ruined my blogging process:
1. Let's face it...we all know I like trendy things....and this Instagram thing is simply new and sparkly and shiny!
2. Instagram is just like looking at the world through "rose" colored spectacles.
3. My consignments at Grandiflora and thrifty finds on Etsy
 are flying out the door so fast I don't have time to blog about them...
I need to be out more and more finding new things to share!
4. Between Pinterest & Instagram, I'm so busy baking new recipes and sharing them I forget to blog!
5. I'm off and exploring more than ever before having good times with good friends and family.
6. Because good things come in pairs....and me and my phone are an inseperable pair!

7. I'm often "hung up" at work, and have a hard time finding the time to blog properly.
8. Because I'm not home much anymore...and therefore can't spend much time behind a laptop.
9. Because Instagram is "Sew" much easier than writing a whole blog post.
10. Pretty things come tied up with string...and when I'm tied up, I need "insta" gratification by looking at pretties "pronto"!
11. Birds of a feather stick together, and many of my online friends have fluttered over to Instagram too...I need to keep up!
12. Because life is busy...and "insta" anything is always so much easier than sitting down and planning something out.

I hope to get back on track once the newness of Instagram has worn off....
until then....maybe you'd like to come over and join me there?
Find my linky button on your right....let me know what you think ok?


  1. i don't have instagram (yet)...
    but you've taken some great photos while 'away' ;)
    off to check your link :)

    1. WARNING: Instagram is highly addictive and may cause blog damage. Do NOT start Instagram unless you are prepared for the consequences. ;) <3 ya Andrea! xx


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